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Orientation & Mobility (O&M) instruction is a set of sequential skills in which people with blindness are taught to determine their position in space & safely navigate their environment.

    Individualized instruction may include:

  • Concept development, e.g. body awareness directional/positional awareness for orientation purposes
  • Sighted Guide techniques
  • Self-protective travel techniques
  • Functional use of remaining vision & use of other senses
  • Training in the use of prescribed low vision devices
  • Environmental awareness
  • Utilizing landmarks/clues to aid in orientation
  • Techniques for using the white cane
  • Adaptive Mobility Devices
  • Non-visual techniques for safely crossing streets, including analysis of intersections & traffic patterns
  • Techniques for traveling independently within indoor environments, residential areas, small & large business districts, mall travel, & rural areas
  • Tactile mapping skills
  • Accessible GPS
  • Skills to solicit/decline assistance
  • Problem solving along a route
  • Route planning & use of public transportation

My Orientation & Mobility assessments & instructional programs are individualized to meet the current & future independent travel needs of each student based on their functional, cognitive, and physical abilities.  I have a strong interest in assessing individual student needs for O&M instruction.  I’m happy to complete O&M assessments/evaluations for your district.  I also provide O&M night evaluations/instruction to students with low vision as a part of individual transition plans when age-appropriate.

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 …And Just For Fun…

In celebration of White Cane Safety Day, observed each year on October 15th, here’s a fun video by Precious, a student with blindness, from Massachusetts.  

“I Will Never Live Without My Cane”